Albion Area Public Library

Throughout the last several years, local history stories have
served as a common thread in our town’s social media outlets.
From family histories to stories of town social events, from
natural disasters to dances, skating parties, and bowling, the
local history of our town is varied and plentiful.
It’s easy to understand why we love our small town so much.
The faces you see in the stores, around town, and at the fair
are walking memories that you wave to as you go by. The
Bessemer Rest House is one of those passing memories that is
interwoven into the fabric of our town. The Albion Area Public
Library holds all of those histories and memories for future
generations to explore.
As we progress through the years in the old Bessemer Rest
House, the Albion Area Public Library has become a common
staple in our small community. The staff here is working hard
at keeping this historic place alive for everyone to enjoy. Stop in and see us today!